Simulation of the application of human silicone

2021/6/15 11:30:57

Human body silicone is two-component temperature vulcanized silicone rubber with colorless or skin-colored oily liquid, which becomes soft and elastic material after vulcanization and can be made into flexible silicone rubber products such as human body, shoulder pad, patch, anti-slip pad, etc. Also can be used for simulation human face mold silicone Mainly used for human face, imitation human limb shape, not change shape. Variable modeling, soft touch.

Before the production work begins, the designer first applies a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the model's eyebrows and eyelashes to prevent them from sticking to the mask model. Then, the designer applies a layer of silicone to the model's face. After 3 or 4 minutes, the silicone gel on the face is solidified. At this point, the designer also had to put plaster on the model's face to shape the mask. After two hours, the plaster is removed and the molded silicone mask is revealed. The designer only needs to sew on the silicone mask eyebrows and eyelashes, and tinted skin color, a lifelike mask is born.

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