How realistic is the silicone simulation mask?

2021/6/11 15:38:41

"People are red and wrong! ", this phrase does not only apply to people, technology is the same. I don't know if you still remember the incident of a popular domestic young meat being rumored to act with inverted models? Although it sparked a fan circle tearing war after the end, but many people therefore remember the inverted model real enough to be used as a double.
So, there are questions: inverted models are so awesome, that the so-called disguise level effect of silicone simulation mask? Face recognition technology can identify the silicone simulation mask?

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The answer is of course no!
Now the face technology has been completely able to recognize the silicone simulation mask!
First of all, even the most sophisticated face mask, to make the effect of high simulation, in the beard, hair these can be done in a perfect way, but blinking, twisting, open mouth, nodding and other details of these actions, the mask hollow corners will also appear in the part of the muscle line changes match poor. AI face recognition system through the capture of facial expression data and learning, to find out the flaws in milliseconds time.
Secondly, you also have to undergo "live detection".
This is a process to prove that the "live you" is the "former you".
After passing the "live detection", the system will compare the "live face" image with the face information in the system! This process is not only a simple comparison of two images, but also the detection (tracking) of face faces, the positioning of key points of faces, and the comparison (recognition) with those in the face database are all important factors that determine whether the "previous you" can be found faster and more accurately.
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