What are the characteristics of high quality silica gel products?

2021/3/9 10:08:04

With the continuous development of the silicone rubber industry trend of scientific and technological innovation, due to the common application of silica gel products in each industry, more and more silica gel products on the market sales, but there have been some fake or fake silica gel products, so how do we identify the quality of silica gel products in the purchase of silica gel products?


1. ductility
Silica gel products have high quality of ductility, because high elasticity is mainly from the silicone rubber molecular formula open chain exercise, so when buying silica gel products first look at the ductility of silica gel products to identify the quality


2. Tearing compressive strength and compressive strength
The silica gel product with high tear compressive strength shows the anti-damage ability, has a long service life and is not easy to be damaged by the external geographical environment, and the silica gel product with poor tear compressive strength generally specifically shows that the silica gel product is easy to crack in the whole process of being involved, so that the condition that the silica gel product is damaged due to cracking is rapidly enlarged during the bearing capacity.


3. Wear resistance
The abrasion resistance is possessed by the production, processing and molding of silica gel products, the surface of the silica gel products can be subjected to loss, the general surface of a good silica gel product rarely rubs off the surface of the product due to external factors, and the specific appearance, characters and colors are not damaged. And the quality of fake and shoddy silica gel products surface marker is easy to drop.


4. Compressive strength and constant tensile stress field
Reflect the important index of plastic material bending stiffness (bending strain), the two are silica gel products must lead to a certain deformation force so when buying silica gel products, the most important thing is to first look at the wear resistance, ductility, tear compressive strength. In case of conformity, it means silica gel products of high quality. In case of non-conformity, it is abandoned to prevent damage to assets.


5, fatigue resistance
When silica gel products are subjected to the replacement transformation stress field (or judgment), the structure and characteristics of the raw materials cause the transformation, which is called fatigue. As the whole process of fatigue goes on, the condition that leads to the destruction of the silica gel product is called fatigue destruction. harm


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