Various production and application of silica gel products.

2021/3/8 9:40:52

In the production process of many silicone rubber products, not all production processes are made of high-temperature rubber materials as far as possible. There are still many silicone products that can not reach the first forming in terms of efficacy. Silicone manufacturers can also ensure that their products meet customer satisfaction and consumer regulations, so bonding and other processing technologies also occupy a part of the market share, The expected effect that can be guaranteed can be recognized in the following ways:


At present, product bonding is the most common method in the silicone rubber industry. Due to the different structures of many products, there are problems in the production and manufacturing of products. Therefore, choosing strong glue to bond naturally becomes the choice of processing technology Processing technology can also choose different products.

At present, the processing technology of main body plastic coating and silicone rubber products plastic coating is relatively sound. The combination of all kinds of high temperature resistant raw materials silicone rubber products can ensure certain expected effect, and the fixed expected effect of the products after the bonding is an important problem, so it is necessary to improve the quality of the products The modified materials and strong glue must be selected correctly. They can be fully plastic covered, semi plastic covered and partially plastic covered.

The inlay can be divided into several master methods. In the hollow part of silica gel product, it can be combined with other raw materials or immediately bonded and fused. There are also silica gel as parts and main products, which can be used for hardware and spare parts products to cooperate with each other.

Multiple forming is also one of these manufacturing methods. For example, silicone products with more colors, stronger texture and more parts can be formed twice or three times and four times, but the processing technology is troublesome and the cost will increase. The expected effect is probably not as good as the actual effect of other processing technologies.

Do lock structure, product compressive strength is relatively high, wall thickness can have a certain fulcrum, you can choose this way, product selection method combined with the other part of the buckle, the other is concave convex structure, accurate positioning of the product adhesive socket, in general, how to facilitate the production and processing of silicone rubber products, how to facilitate the appearance, how to make the expected effect.

Therefore, the selection of processing technology is still more important. For silicone rubber products with different structures, it is more troublesome to select different manufacturing technologies, and it is also very likely that it will not meet the customer satisfaction, so it is necessary to select suitable manufacturing methods Not only the cost is manipulated, but also the quality and efficiency of products can be improved.

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