Liquid silica gel is soft?

2021/3/4 10:21:04

Liquid silica gel is soft or hard. In fact, liquid silica gel, also known as liquid silica gel, is relative to solid high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber. It is liquid rubber. Due to its ever-changing changes and the places where liquid silica gel appears, it requires high accuracy of products. Therefore, only in this way can liquid silica gel completely cover some large objects like hardware, Therefore, in order to fit the product model, under normal circumstances, businesses will not make liquid silica gel hard. That's why, when you see the finished products made of liquid silica gel, you will feel that liquid silica gel is all soft.


The hardness of liquid silica gel is generally 0-80 degrees, with a range of 5 degrees. Different hardness has different uses. For example, 0 degree silica gel is an ultra soft silica gel with translucent liquid color and excellent electrical properties and chemical stability. On the contrary, 10-25 degrees is relatively fine. Therefore, most of them are used for product model replication, because this mode of mold opening is easy to remove It's easy to mold, and it won't damage the products in the silicone mold.

Liquid silica gel can be applied to a very wide range of places, liquid silica gel is soft, it is precisely because of the particularity of liquid silica gel, so its anti yellowing and heat aging, weather resistance, is one of its own unique properties, you know, the transparency of liquid silica gel is very high, so that when you use the mold to manufacture finished products, you can greatly improve To reduce the scrap rate.

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