How long is the service life of silica gel?

2021/3/3 9:26:21

How long can silica gel be stored? Silica gel is a kind of very stable chemical properties of a material, not burning, the main component is silica. Silica gel has many excellent properties, such as temperature resistance, weather resistance, electrical insulation, physiological inertia, low surface tension and low surface energy.



According to the characteristics of various silicone rubber, in a certain environment, the service life of silicone rubber is up to hundreds of years. Under the conditions of high temperature, high concentration of oxygen and ozone, the service life of silicone rubber is long. It depends on where you use it. Each parameter is different. Different requirements, different formulations. Silicone rubber accessories can stand for more than 10 years under non-human conditions. In addition to light and ozone, strong high temperature and freezing and other factors, its service life is beyond your imagination! So in different uses, its life time is different, long-term stress and long-term static and long-term environmental impact, the service life is different, but under normal circumstances, the service life of silicone products can reach the desired effect!


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