The relationship between process and hardness of silica gel products!

2021/1/26 17:34:04

Liquid process. Can do low degree of silicone rubber products, such as 0 degrees to 20 degrees, even if the hands are very sticky. This type of silica gel products are generally very few, and the development of a set of liquid silica gel mold is particularly expensive, because of material reasons, the silica gel products made by the liquid process is not easy to disassemble, which will lead to the product burr is not smooth, the appearance of the burr problem. Therefore, the liquid process is suitable for low-degree silica gel products, and does not require self-removal is very strict.

Solid state process. At present, the industry's internal solid silica gel process can do the lowest softness is about 30 degrees, the highest degree is 80 degrees, although higher degrees can also be done, but the bad rate is too high, the product is very fragile, it is not easy to dismantle. So the solid state process is the most suitable degree of soft and hard is 30 degrees to 70 degrees. Can't make softer products, but since the split edge is better, the product appearance is beautiful, no burr.

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