Common uses of silica gel products.

2021/1/25 18:53:33

Silica gel raw materials can be divided into general, food grade stainless steel plate, diagnosis and treatment grade and special silica gel. Food grade stainless steel stainless steel plate silica gel is non-toxic, colorless, tasteless, insoluble in water and all solvents, and is a green environmental protection product based on enzymes.

Analytical chemical silica gel is mainly used in international airlines, cutting-edge technology, special raw materials and construction engineering of national defense safety professional enterprises, electronic and electrical, automobile, industrial equipment, pharmaceutical factory light industry, medicine and so on; Inorganic compound silica gel is mainly used in moisture-proof desiccant, catalyst carrier, flatting agent, metal composite material of tooth cleaning powder, etc.

The plasticity and plasticity of silica gel products are very good, which are not easy to be deformed by external force, and are non-toxic, colorless, tasteless, without color tone, and have no harm to human body.

Direct causes I simply analyze the scope of application of silicone products: 

1. Protective cover for mother and baby products, baby bottles and glass bottles; 

2. It is used for the production and processing of kitchen and restaurant goods and kitchen utensils and related auxiliary kitchen utensils; 

3, used for natural skin care decorations, daily necessities, such as silicone watch straps, silicone fixing brackets, silicone smart bracelets, etc.; 

4, used for conductivity silica gel, diagnosis and treatment silica gel, plastic foam silica gel, mold production silica gel, etc.; 

5. Used for silicone pads, silicone plugs and seals; 

6. Keyboards, electronic dictionaries, control boards, toys and silicone buttons for copiers and computers; 

7. Used for sealing rings, packaging raw materials of electronic parts, and automotive electronic parts. 

8. Used for special raw materials and construction projects of international airlines, cutting-edge technology and national defense security professional enterprises.

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