Good characteristics of liquid silica gel!

2020/11/30 10:10:10

The molecular main chain of liquid silicone rubber has the following advantages because of its special structure of si-o chain.

1. Resistance to high and low temperature

Liquid silicone rubber is a kind of heat-resistant product. After being aged by hot air at 250℃ for thousands of hours or 300℃ for hundreds of hours, liquid silicone rubber can still keep its rubber shape and elasticity at-40℃ to 100℃. When silicone rubber is used as heat-resistant coating on the inner wall of rocket nozzle, it can withstand thousands of high temperatures instantaneously.

2. Aging resistance

It has excellent resistance to ozone aging, oxygen aging, light aging and climate aging, and its performance will not show any change after being exposed outdoors for several years in free state.

3. Excellent electrical insulation performance

The electrical insulation performance of silicone rubber vulcanizate changes little when it is affected with damp or water and when the temperature rises. After burning, silicon dioxide will be generated, but it is still an insulator, which can ensure that the electrical equipment can continue to work until maintenance.

4, tasteless and nontoxic

Environmental protection and health have no adverse effects on people's health.

5. Good air permeability

The air permeability is tens or even hundreds of times higher than that of ordinary silicone rubber, and the air permeability for different gases is quite different.

6. Acid and alkali resistance

Acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, radiation resistance and combustion resistance.

7. Good anti-virus performance

Silicone rubber can be stored for a long time, its water absorption is less than 0.015%, and it has no breeding effect on various algae and molds, so it will not be moldy.

It is precisely because of the excellent performance of liquid silica gel that it is widely used in all walks of life, and it is also a substitute for rubber resin and other materials, which promotes the industry users to change and seek a better development channel.

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