The prospect of silicone industry in 2020

2020/11/27 18:09:06

The opening session of the third session of the 13th National People's Congress (NPC) was held in Beijing on May 22, heralding a major victory in the fight against coVID-19 in 2020. Under the intense impact of the epidemic and economic pressure, the import and export business at home and abroad has experienced a sharp increase, and the prices of many raw materials have doubled and doubled. Under the influence of the epidemic, the import volume of foreign silica gel dropped sharply. The core competitiveness of China's domestic sealant in addition to the low price, technology and small differences between foreign products, regional advantage has become the first choice of domestic enterprises.

For domestic silicone enterprises, the epidemic is a challenge as well as an opportunity. As is known to all, construction projects in China are generally labeled with "tight time and heavy task". Therefore, the products with high quality and low price, good technology and timely delivery are the ones that are willing to be used in the projects. The supply of imported rubber generally involves the import cycle and transportation cycle, but domestic rubber can ensure timely supply, so domestic construction projects are more willing to use domestic rubber. Although a lot of foreign products are produced now also localization, but do not have apparent advantage.

Domestic silica gel and foreign products compared to domestic sealant in the same technology and quality, more price and geographical advantages, its development prospects are great. Due to the overall low quality of domestic sealant enterprises, the domestic sealant industry is bound to pay more attention to brand operation. Today, first-tier brands have been committed to product quality control and after-sales service improvement, and many small and medium-sized brands have also started to use automated production lines. This also shows from the side the output of sealant is rising continuously, the market space is larger.

In today's energy saving and intelligent production, especially smart home appliances to high quality sealant demand is also increasing, which is a very big opportunity for sealant industry, development prospect is very big. Therefore, whether large enterprises or small and medium-sized enterprises, it is necessary to strengthen product quality control, cultivate high-quality scientific research and technical personnel, do a good job in brand, so as to seize the opportunity. Domestic sealant enterprises have not developed to several dominant stage, to become the industry leader, not only rely on their own strength, market operation and brand accumulation, but also experience the test of the market. Let us look forward to the optimization and adjustment of the industrial structure and the sound and rapid development of the industry.

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