Silicone spatula can be used to stir fry, not afraid of melting?

2020/11/26 11:51:43

When it comes to the silicone spatula, the first thought on many consumers' minds is that the silicone can be used to cook dishes? Harmful to human body, can you poison? Actually silicone spatula have long been popular in foreign countries, and domestic is began to slowly become popular in recent years, the kitchen of a lot of families will now have a silicone kitchenware, silicone kitchen utensils and appliances is also gradually replaced the traditional stainless steel kitchen utensils and appliances, this is because the silicone kitchen utensils and appliances have prominent advantages, such as environmental safety, easy cleaning, it's not easy to stick oily be soiled, soft, durable, diverse styles, colors, etc.

Beginning at home are reluctant to accept all the silicone spatula of kitchen utensils and appliances is the cause of worry about silicone spatula in the process of cooking temperature and melting, or is it just begin to contact the silicone spatula had many similar reports, when in fact the silicone spatula is resistant to high temperature of 230 ° C, our normal cooking oil temperature are generally not more than 200 ° C, so the silicone spatula stir fry melted perhaps for other reasons as well.

Silicone spatula is gradually accepted by people is the main advantage of silicone spatula USES the food grade silicone material production, food-grade silicone material temperature tolerance range is 230 ° C, for our common home cooking temperature is no problem, as for the beginning there will be a silicone spatula stir fry rumors of melts, may be the silicone spatula quality closes nevertheless, use of silicone raw material is not inferior or use of raw materials for food-grade silicone material. Cooking with this substandard silicone kitchen is not guaranteed to melt at high temperatures.

How do you choose a dish that prevents the silicone spatula from melting?
For the purchase of silica gel kitchen utensils and appliances, we want to choose the silicone kitchen utensils and appliances produced by big brand manufacturers, large manufacturers or focus on the strength of silica gel kitchen utensils and appliances production research and development is relatively strong, for the material and production process control is very strict and have their own set of specifications. In addition to choose silicone spatula to see whether products can through the FDA or the European Union LFGB security authentication, this is the guarantee quality of silicone spatula qualified a factor, in addition we silicone spatula of choose and buy when you need to add contrast, try to select the source of silicone spatula, this can avoid to a certain extent the silicone spatula stir fry melt embarrassing phenomenon.

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