Talcum powder is useful for silicone dolls!

2020/11/25 19:23:09

Why do silicone dolls use talcum powder? Since the surface of liquid silicone has resistance after solidification, and the surface of some products with poor performance may be sticky, the silicone doll needs to use talcum powder to increase the smooth effect of the silicone doll, and avoid sticky hands, so as to bring a better experience for the silicone doll.

The silicone doll is made by using liquid silica gel, which is very important in the process of forming liquid silica gel. The lack of good details may lead to unsatisfactory effect after the doll is made, such as the common silicone doll with sticky surface, greasy silicone, or even non-solidified silica gel, etc.

The liquid silica gel for making silicone dolls belongs to food-grade silica gel, which has high requirements on the operating environment and operation process. Such substances as nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur cannot be contained in the production environment. For example, we often smoke. If someone smokes in the operating environment, the silicone will not solidify. Secondly, in the operation process, if the operator has the habit of smoking, he/she must clean his/her hands, and then carry out the silica gel operation, so that the silica gel will not produce an indirect reaction. In the process of silica gel operation, it is also necessary to pay attention to the ease of installing silica gel and the agitator. For example, if silica gel of different companies has been operated, it may affect the solidification of silica gel. Operation after the silicone perfusion silica gel is the next step into the doll mold, silicone will contact the mould, and pay special attention to, such as mold is unsaturated resin, the photosensitive resin material for silica gel will have certain reactions, so try to use other material to make mold, can be directly consulting silicone manufacturer to see whether the material will have reaction, so that we can avoid unnecessary waste.

The silica gel is poured into the doll mold so that the basic silica gel process can be completely operated, and slowly wait for it to solidify. Maybe a lot of people will also say why not solidify for a few hours? Questions about curing, curing conditions, we need to know about silicone for normal operating temperature 25 degrees, the operating time of 30 minutes, the curing time is about 5-8 hours curing operation, if you need the silicone fast curing, improve the production efficiency, can will increase the temperature of the environment, such as the use of the oven, the higher the temperature the faster the curing time, regular testing the thickness of 2 mm silicon slice, 100 degrees heat, curing time is about 1 to 2 minutes, the thickness of different curing time is different.

Finally, why does the silicone doll use talcum powder? Actually the main still should see quality of silica gel, silica gel manufacturers talcum powder can only change a sticky situation, if you have any quality problem recommend replacing silica gel itself, because not only is the silicone sticky situation, and performance issues with other products, some unscrupulous merchants will be on the market to make the silicone extracted with recycling of used materials, it is not just a product performance, also have certain influence to the human body, so the silicone material must be controlled strictly, the risk to a minimum.

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