What is the reason that silica gel appears dark grain, how should prevent.

2020/11/23 14:46:53

Silicone products production process we often meet with many problems, the most let us have a headache is the problem of product quality, and quality problems can be divided into various types, are artificial, natural phenomena, mold problems, raw material and so on too many problem, so find product streaks, wiring problem what is going on, the following show you know the problem about the dark grain.

We carry out the rubber refining process, due to the mechanization of rubber refining, more or less there will be uneven mixing, after adding vulcanizing agent and color mother, the mixing time is too short, so that the original inside color is not uniform, color half dark half light, so for the rubber refining personnel to focus on the hint, the first process is the most important. Too long time after mixing rubber will also lead to product quality problems of silica gel products. Generally, too long material will have a great impact on the hardness of the product, so it should be used in a timely manner, not too long, at most one to two days.

Pay attention to the temperature adjustment of the raw materials when forming, if the temperature is not enough, it will cause silica gel products out of the mold stripe, or even not ripe phenomenon, so every time when forming to let the temperature rise. Silica gel raw material will also have problems after excessive vulcanization. The raw material itself is transparent color. After adding color master, it is cured at high temperature, and there is no problem under normal high temperature.

But curing time is too long, with the increase of temperature, can lead to masterbatch slightly loose color phenomena in the raw material, so also can appear inside the product color deviation, appear dark mark, so when the temperature is too high in the process of production is also not desirable, temperature is too low to keep up with, keep modest, so that you can solve the phenomenon of products of the dark mark, make customers more satisfied.

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