Which is better than silica gel and TPE?

2020/11/21 17:25:10

Which is better than silica gel and TPE? I believe this question will be asked by consumers and product manufacturers. In the production of bracelets, goggles and sex toys, silica gel is needed as raw material for production and processing. With the popularity of TPE materials in recent years, TPE has gradually begun to set its hand in the original application field of silica gel.

When we compare the two materials, we should compare their performance, price, cost performance and processing conditions. First of all, we look at the performance.
Performance comparison between TPE and silica gel
1, Silica gel: Silica gel is a du tasteless material, it is insoluble in water and other solvents, chemical properties are stable, high adsorption performance, thermal stability is good, chemical properties are stable, except strong base, hydrofluoric acid and other substances do not react; The product is made of silica gel, soft to the touch, non-sticky and non-oily.
2. TPE: TPE is an environmentally friendly du free material in the true sense, which does not contain plasticizers and does not add heavy metals in the production process. Without halogen, it has high elasticity, high strength and high resilience of rubber. It can also be wrapped with PP, PS, ABS and other base materials, and can be formed independently. Products made of TPE material have fine hand feeling and wide adjustable hardness range.
Price comparison between TPE and silica gel
1. Silica gel: The price of silica gel is always very expensive. In addition, the processing technology is also difficult to operate, so there will be some difficulties in cost control.
2. TPE: TPE is a material that can be recycled and reused for a second time. The nozzle and scrap in production can be recycled and used for a second time, and the processing technology is simple.

In general, silica gel in high temperature resistance, and feel this piece or no material in the industry can be comparable, but the difficulty is that the price of silica gel is too high, the processing technology is complex; On the other hand, although TPE is not as good as silica gel in high temperature resistance and handle, it is much better than silica gel in cost and processing technology.

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